Saturday, March 19, 2016

Bon Appétit - The Culture Issue

Immediately after I saw this issue it was in my grocery cart for purchase. After living in Austin for five years, I have been immersed into the rising food culture. I've waited in line for hours for a single piece of fatty brisket, I've visited the same coffee trailer almost every day for two years just to get my fix, and I've let my food go cold while trying to take the perfect picture for my Instagram. I am the foodie obsessed millennial and I love it.

In the magazine they describe many situations that are very familiar to me. They talked about a millennial girl who "spent three hours and $45 tracking down cardamom pods and corn flour to make corn cookies - more than it would have cost to buy a dozen at Milk Bar." This = me. I really try my hardest to cook these amazing recipes but they usually cost me a lot of money, time, and in the end, a bad dish. Thus, I eat out. And I do not mind spending money to eat out because it really is a phenomenal experience (yes, I used the word phenomenal to describe my emotions while I eat in Austin).

The rest of the magazine features recipes, tips to capture the perfect IG food pic, thoughts from waiting in a line outside of a restaurant, and the best way to portion control your meals (less meat, more grains).

I really enjoyed this magazine and will be giving it a second read soon. The food culture in Austin is huge and there is no doubt that I can give up eating some of the best, freshest, ingredients around. Are you a crazy foodie?

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